Couples in Distress : Relationships are difficult. We find ourselves repeating old and dysfunctional patterns: needing to be right rather than staying relational, living at the effect of the other vs. responding for ourselves with our own truth, or conversely, making our own feelings and needs so important that we neither stay attuned to our partner nor to our shared experience as a "we".

In addition to such interpersonal issues, we face work/financial pressures, parenting challenges, and lack of community. As we look to our significant other to meet all our needs, we end up overloading our primary relationship. No wonder couples get distressed.

I approach couples in distress with curiosity and compassion. I then seek to foster those same relational attitudes in the partners themselves, in spite of their often considerable hurt and distrust. Our goals are collaborative and reparative. We clarify what is and then proceed from there, not from what used to be, nor what partners wish might be. We move forward with clarity from a solid emotional foundation. That allows us to work through unresolved pain and conflict while re-establishing and deepening connection and intimacy.

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