My paramount specialty is my work with PEOPLE IN CRISIS: those upon whom the Dark Night of the Soul has descended following major attachment loss. Our wounded brothers and sisters feel lost, scared, often alone with feelings of shame and despair. Suicidal thoughts may wash over us. We are in danger.

I know this emotional and spiritual terrain from the inside, having survived two separate Near Death Experiences.

Thus, the first step of treatment consists of guiding our wounded brothers and sisters through the dangers and pitfalls of the Dark Night so that we survive our ordeal. The ordeal itself cracks us open, making accessible our gifts, our medicine, what we have to contribute to the community from our Real Self.

Transformation unfolds as we discover and then live from our emerging life direction. From this challenging, sometimes harrowing, yet ultimately rewarding change process emerges a person who feels different... who experiences him/herself as more solid, relaxed, and present; whose freedom from self-sabotage heightens productivity and self-esteem; whose spontaneity and aliveness gives rise to creativity; and whose enhanced capacity for authentic relating allows for both the giving and receiving of love.

Shepherding others through the process of birthing their Soul’s calling is deeply intimate and mutually rewarding. So much so that after more than 35 years of practicing this collaborative form of art and healing, I continue to feel vitalized -- and blessed.

I do not aspire to retire.

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