The healing art I practice flows from two main sources: my presence with you moment-to-moment seasoned by more than 35 years of accumulated experience as a Clinical Psychologist. That combination heals and revitalizes.

I specialize in PEOPLE IN CRISIS and COUPLES IN DISTRESS. I am active in the session, listening and responding to your experiences and their meaning. By focusing on “what is” (vs. “what if” or what should be), we stay rooted in the present where change happens. We only delve into the past when your present feelings and associations point there.

My approach is collaborative, relational, and experiential. We listen to the body, paying attention to your bodily sensations and their meaning. I consider myself a body therapist who doesn’t touch the body. Together we explore the Unconscious as it manifests itself in embodied feelings, impulses, dreams, and spontaneously-retrieved memories.

We work collaboratively to:

1) Overcome self-sabotage
2) Foster more secure attachments
3) Redirect relational maladjustment towards mutual enrichment
4) Cope functionally with life’s transitions and losses
5) Resolve the dilemma of feeling successful yet unfulfilled
6) Realize the opportunity for transformation in a life crisis

To guide my clients through corrective emotional experiences that heal is a deeply gratifying privilege. I feel energized by the personal connection we forge. My work is my calling. What I do remains intrinsically rewarding and vitalizing.

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