Anxiety, uncertainty, an d stress pervade the spirit of our times. The speed of our information-saturated culture disrupts our connection both to the rhythm of nature and to one another. We feel dislocated from a sense of community, and lonely. Our body politic has become susceptible to the shocks that assault us, to “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”.

I work particularly well with the high stress/high anxiety/ and high performance person. Usually such people have abundant intensity that they do not know how to use for themselves. Re-channel ing their intensity functionally is one of the major goals of our work together. I teach my clients new personality skills that improve performance, and lead to ACTIVE RELAXATION.

My emphasis on ACTIVE RELAXATION as a beneficial consequence of learning to use personality differently makes my approach for coping with anxiety and stress different from other techniques. My approach is especially useful for individuals who lead busy, demanding, and fast-paced lives. Instead of feeling tense and distressed, people feel energized, clearer, alert , and more responsive. In addition, they find themselves handling situations more effectively instead of getting overwhelmed or feeling stuck.