Traversing the two sides of REGRET: from Rumination to Transformation

I know the two sides of Regret from the inside:

The dark side of Ruminative Regret: It saps my vitality and keeps me stuck; it spawns paralysis, misery, then despair. 

The expansive and liberating side of Transformative Regret: It revitalizes my spirit by reopening my heart to compassion and forgiveness of self and others.

To extricate myself from the downward pull of Ruminative Regret, I have needed to regularly practice lovingkindness and to welcome with tender compassion the wounded and shamed parts of myself and others.

That cumulative practice softens my defenses of isolation, criticalness, and negativity.  It restores my access to the wisdom of the heart.

The resulting spaciousness in my chest is how the inner oasis of Transformative Regret feels.  It reconnects me with my own goodness and the goodness of others.

I am grateful for my liberation from the Dark Night of the Soul.

I feel alive once more.

Dr. Richard Riemer